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PostSubject: Re: VZR N1   Mon 05 Sep 2011, 4:42 am

they line up fine the issue is the height of the ports differs between VE and DE, notching the bolt holes all I have to do is lift the manifold up when I tighten the nuts and it all lines up fine Smile
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Posts : 110
Age : 31
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PostSubject: Re: VZR N1   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 7:12 am

Soooo the biggest thing Ive ever undertaken on my own car.


began mooching round collecting parts ordered a release bearing, bought some bits n bobs.

This was also delivered Pivot Voltage Stabiliser and Earthing Kit


Collected release bearing and some more bits n bobs, then set about stripping the car.

Front end removed to get in the garage

Work space for the week

Draining fluids

Stripping the bay

Corblar arrived

Crane in place

dash hes ginger

And we are down

On the dolly

Removed the 1 piece shaft for an LSD drivers shaft that bolts to the block

In order to fit this I had to remove a few things

and this heavy bounder

With the starter removed I took the opportunity to strip it down and clean it out, every one should do this with a clutch change

no pictures of it back together but it looks brand new inside now, cleaned it all out with petrol and packed it full of grease.
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Posts : 110
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PostSubject: Re: VZR N1   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 7:13 am


began sorting out the exhaust

Take one hanger bracket ground back

licked with some paint

Then hammerited

this is how I'm helped

a cat

with the engine on the dolly I pulled the gearbox off and put my JWT flywheel and GSpec clutch on

I had also changed the PS pump and fitted a new sandwich plate to allow me to run an oil cooler, I modified the plate to take my gauges aswell.

In the bay I rubbed down a few areas and changed the Steering rack bushes for poly ones.

after umming and ahhing over removing the ABS I broken that off for next year and we got the engine back in

this time on all 4 poly mounts


Just tidying up loose ends, had a package from Dale resulting in

Custom brackets cause I'm smart

Refitted the manifold with a new decat from shagwah, got the cooler mounted in place


Few things that have annoyed me I took the time to fix

the little pockets under the scuttle panel that water happily sits in, Ive drilled two drain holes either side, these were sprayed over with stonechip to prevent rust.

I cranked the car over a few times with the HT leads and plugs pulled till the oil pressure light went out to prime the cooler and it fired up first time Smile

The cooler has given me almost 3/4 litre extra capacity of oil which is a huge bonus Smile

This was brand new

almost complete, green wheels are off now for the winter.

and back down with the bumper all fitted up nice and snug

cheeky cooler

I took it out and I'm happy to report it feels very quick, I did have a moment of no lobes.... the cause was the RSM not being powered on, checked back through the wiring and the earth cable had been pulled from the loom, most likely from being pulled through the firewall.

All in all a hell of a week sweating my tits off but it feels good now Ive done it, mods added weight saved things future proofed and lots of improvements Smile
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PostSubject: Re: VZR N1   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 8:02 am

Needs 86mm crank NOW broski
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PostSubject: Re: VZR N1   

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