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 good news bad news situation

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PostSubject: good news bad news situation   Mon 17 Oct 2011, 8:09 am

yup sorry guys you thought you'd got rid of me but I'm like a piece of old gum on the bottom of your shoe Razz

had a lot going on recently so havent really had time to check the forums,

okay bad news first, sadly the Two is not back on the road...yet, I got the engine in, plumbed in and everything only to find that the clutch that was sold with the engine was boned!so now I've got to get the clutch sorted I would do the work myself but well I'll get onto the reason why I can't in a moment, so once Ive got the cash Im getting it towed to a garage and sorted. On a plus note I've put the wheels I bought from Attley on and I have to say once I get the coilies next year its going to looks sick as fook!

Now onto the good news I've recently taken a new job in London, which has meant I have had to move south, so now I am living in Hemel (Bennetts End to be precise) and commuting to London every day to work, so far loving the change of scenery and loving the new job, the only thing I'm not loving is that my poor car is still in Leeds (for the moment), which means I can't get to any of the meets to meet up with you guys and put some faces to the names, hopefully this will all change in time though Smile

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good news bad news situation
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