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 scotts shuttle build

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PostSubject: scotts shuttle build   Sun 13 Nov 2011, 2:30 am

i have always liked 4th gen hondas and was looking for a sedan or shuttle a couple of weeks back. then someone directed me to a link for this car on ebay. it went for more than what i wanted to pay so forgot all about it.

then last week got a message from the seller saying the winning bidder come to collect it and offered him half the price he won the auction for so he said i could have it for a very fair price so went to pick it up last saturday.

it has been owned by the same couple for the past 11 years and they adored it but they got something newer thats why they sold, so its been looked after and is in great conditon only a couple of scratches and dents and a small pacth of rust on the drivers door. the usual realy. its done around 88000 miles has a d14a1 and its an auto.

my plans are to just give it a general tidy up. and then move on to suspension, wheels etc then i would love to do an engine swap in the future a z6 or maybe even b series who knows.

its not on the road yet and wont be for a while i have my concerto as a daily as just sold my eg so im not in no rush to do anything so progress will be slow. but no doubt when i see the right parts i wont be able to resist buying them :laugh: it needs one hell of a good clean its not been used for a while so thats my first plan of action. any way here is some pics

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scotts shuttle build
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