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 1992 Honda Civic VEi

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1992 Honda Civic VEi Empty
PostSubject: 1992 Honda Civic VEi   1992 Honda Civic VEi EmptyTue 13 Dec 2011, 3:00 am

Hi there guys, first of all let me apologise for the fact the car is filthy in the pics! I will try get round to giving it another clean and update pictures with it looking tidier!

Car for sale: 1992 Honda Civic EG4 VEi


T&T: MOT September 2012, Tax March 2012

Condition:Bodywork needs TLC with slightly tatty yet solid rear arches, rear N/S Quarter has paint defect, Engine generally nice and smooth, runs well, slight leak from top Rad hose which is possibly down to a weak hose clamp, Suspension/Brakes etc. very good!

-BMC CDA filter
-Aftermarket Stainless 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
-Raizin Voltage Stabilizer Kit
-Stainless steel mid section including decat
-Aftermarket 3" outward rolled tip rear silencer
-Aftermarket DC2 style dual bend short shifter

-Raceland Coilovers With Energy Suspension TopHat bushes
-Front upper strut Brace
-Aftermarket Rear blue anodized Lower Control Arms
-Rear ESi Anti Roll Bar with Energy suspension Mounting bushes
-Front DC2 Lower Control Arms with HardRace bushes
-Front 262mm front brake upgrade with new discs and Pagid OE Pads (Covered less than 3K Miles)
-15/16" Brake Servo
-Tegiwa Master Cylinder Stopper

-Backyard Special Rep front ABS lip (PPW)
-Amber Front indicator lenses
-Spoon Replica Mirrors
-Front JDM Size no. plate
-Tegiwa No. Plate tilt bracket
-Full tin rear OEM spoiler
-Rear JDM Light conversion (Reflectors still in place)
-15x7 E30 BBS Alloy Wheels powdercoated white with 175/50/15 tyres
-PPW Anodized blue Alloy wheel nuts
-Aero Wiper Blades
-De-Wipered rear screen

-Prelude 4th Gen "Tombstone" front seats
-*White steering wheel NOT included in Sale this shall be replaced with either a stock steering wheel or a cheap aftermarket steering wheel!!!* (Boss will be included however)
-Dark grey oem rear seats
-Short OEM grey Armrest
-JVC DVD Stereo

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Hi guys, for sale is my EG4 VEi, i've owned it for just over a year now and I've loved it! I've wanted one ever since I was a kid and i'll no doubt own another! My reason for sale however is that i'm wanting to go back to RWD and have already purchased my next car! As mentioned in the condition section, the rear arches are looking a little tatty and would benefit from replacement however I have been told that the current ones are within an easily salvageable condition Smile the rear nearside quarter has what seems to be a paint reaction of some kind? Not entirely sure but will quite happily supply pictures on request! The rest of the bodywork is generally good with very few blemishes other than the usual odd stone chip etc.! Again I have no problems offering additional pics on request Smile As far as i'm aware this is one if not the lightest variation of body with no electrics and no sunroof, the only driving aid being Power steering so would make for a brilliant track car shell! The wheels have a couple of scuffs, one being from somebody having a test drive in it the other day (lol) but I have a tin of white Hammerite to tidy these back up, none of the wheels have any major damage and all run straight Smile

The engine although high mileage is runs very well and has been seriously reliable! Not to mention MEGA good economy! I consistently get between 40-50MPG out of this and thats with giving it a good blowout aswell as crusing along, It happily sits at 70mph all day on the motorway on a run and is bang on around built up areas also. I commute between Wolverhampton and Birmingham during the week doing a 30+ mile round trip each day and the Civic munches the miles effortlessly! By no means is it fast being the 1.5 Vtec-E However with the mix of a tight chassis setup it's nippy enough to give you enough fun within the legal boundries and still nice and revvy as a Honda should!

The front brakes were replaced and upgraded only a few months back from a 242mm to 262mm setup also replacing the master cylinder for the slightly larger 15/16" item. The Coilovers were fitted not long after I bought the car and are fantastic! I know there are very mixed opinions on the cheaper varieties of coilovers and personally the Racelands have been great for me! They give the drop that i've wanted there soft enough to make daily use still comfortable but still firm enough to offer decent grip and a great feel to the car on the road! Along with the other added suspension parts the car handles awesome! It sticks to the road extremely well! The prelude seats are in great condition and offer tons of support even for a fat begger like me! :laugh: They have loads of adjustment and still keep things looking nice and simple inside! They hold you snug while still making getting in and out the car very easily Smile As I say the white steering wheel isn't included in the sale and the car shall come with either a stock wheel of some sort or another aftermarket wheel. All the original wiring is still intact behind the dash should you wish to plumb the horn and/or the airbag back up.

I think that's it pretty much, all in all the car needs that little bit more TLC which I just couldnt put into it being a commuter car and unable to take it off the road to give it what it really deserves! It's perfect for engine conversions too as it already uses an OBD Loom! Or if you wish to plod on with the little D15Z1 it'll definately get you where you need to go and very cheaply too! It's an amazing little commuter car without looking boring and drab and modern and still offers legal speed revvy fun Very Happy

Any questions about the car at all don't hesitate to drop me a PM on here! Alternatively feel free to Email me on if you wish to speak over the phone drop me an email or PM and I will provide you with my mobile number Smile

Thanks for reading guys!

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0009edited

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0002

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0001

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0003

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0004

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSC_0005

How it looks after a good clean!

1992 Honda Civic VEi DSCF00033

Price:1000 ono
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1992 Honda Civic VEi
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